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 Comprehensive financial planning to help

retirees understand, coordinate and manage their investment, tax, insurance,

and estate planning needs

The majority of our clients are age 50 or older and are nearing or already in retirement.   

They understand that true wealth is having control of their time so they can

spend it with the people and activities that are important to them.  

 They prefer to delegate the majority of their financial 

matters to a team of trusted advisors.

They understand that comprehensive planning is more valuable than 

attempting to predict the future.

They want to know that their spouse and family will be in 

great hands after they are gone.

Do you have enough to retire and live the lifestyle you want without running out of money?

Are your investments appropriate for your age and income needs?

Do you know how to maximize Social Security, both for today, and for the surviving spouse?

Do you need a will or a trust?   What about powers of attorney for healthcare and financial matters?

Do you understand your healthcare options from your employer, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicare?

Are you doing everything you can to minimize your taxes?

Do you have a coordinated financial strategy or just a collection of insurances and investments, accumulated over time from various brokers that don't communicate with each other?

Our Process

Step 1

Mapping your situation

We start by creating a simplified visual that displays your financial situation...your assets, incomes, who is important to you, what resources will be available, both now and in the future, to use towards your financial goals.   An intuitive overview that will provide clarity and can help you make more informed decisions about your future.

Step 2

Financial Planning

  • We help clients prepare for retirement, college funding, major purchases and plan for the curveballs that life throws at us.
  • We can illustrate  tax-efficient withdrawal strategies for retirement plan distributions for living expenses or Roth IRA conversions.
  • We can show clients how to maximize their Social Security benefits and understand the impact of those decisions on Medicare.

Our team.

Allen Gibson Photo Allen Gibson Hover Photo

Allen Gibson

President & Chief Compliance Officer
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Allen Gibson, CFP® ,CEP®, CHfc®, crpc®, cdfa®, cltc®, bfa®, NSSA®, RSSA®

President & chief compliance officer

In 2016, after spending 25 years with the world’s leading financial planning company, I founded Gibson Wealth Advisors, LLC.   As a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory firm, we work directly for our clients, not for a brokerage firm or corporation, and we're held to a fiduciary standard.    That means that we are legally required to act in our client's best interests.   We do not have any products to sell and we never receive commissions, referral fees, bonuses, trips, or other incentives from third parties.    We get paid for providing financial advice, not for selling things.

I received a BBA in finance from the University of Texas at Arlington and joined Ameriprise soon after.  


On a personal note, my wife’s name is Dede and our son is Kylar. We have two dogs, Molly, the goldendoodle, and Maggie, the sheepadoodle.  My family and I enjoy traveling together, especially when it involves mountains and water.

My Professional Designations

We believe that ongoing education is important to be able to stay proficient and be able to provide value to our clients.   Click on any of the designations to learn more about each one.

Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM.   Members of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM train with Ed Slott and his team of IRA Experts on a continuous basis. These advisors passed a background check, completed requisite training, attend semiannual workshops and webinars, and completed mandatory exams. They are immediately notified of changes to the tax code and updates on retirement planning, so you can be sure your retirement dollars are safe from unnecessary taxes and fees. Additionally, members have access to us, America’s IRA Experts to answer any tough questions or planning needs.

CFP® - Certified Financial Planner Practitioner®.  This certification is the standard of excellence in financial planning. CFP® professionals meet rigorous education, training, and ethical standards, and are committed to serving their clients' best interests today to prepare them for a more secure tomorrow.   The certification is a formal recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement.

RSSA® - Registered Social Security Analyst®  -  Registered Social Security Analysts have passed a comprehensive training curriculum and examination that is approved for professional education by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

CEP® - Certified Estate Planner®  -  A CEP® has completed a rigorous course of instruction in the field of estate planning, successfully passed a comprehensive examination process, shown a desire to associate with professional estate planning peers, agreed to comply with annual estate planning continuing education requirements, and ascribed to the practical guidelines and code of ethics of the NICEP.

ChFC® - Chartered Financial Consultant®   Advanced financial planning for every person and every need: that’s the credo of the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation. The ChFC® program covers a must-have list of requirements for financial advisors, from knowledge of tax and retirement planning to special needs advising, wealth management, insurance, and more.

CRPC® - Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® The CRPC® helps financial advisors by guiding them through specialized tax and estate objectives and strategies for a retiree and presents the unique financial and emotional aspects of financial planning that are unique to the retirement process.

CDFA™ - Chartered Divorce Financial Analyst™  provides specialized training to accounting, financial, and legal professionals in the field of pre-divorce/divorce financial planning. 

CLTC® - Certificate in Long-Term Care™   Educates professionals in the fields of insurance, financial services, law, and accounting about the severe consequences a need for care over an extended period of years would have, on their client as well as the emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing of those the client loves. 

BFA® - Behavioral Financial Advisor combines psychology and neuroscience with traditional financial practices. The BFA curriculum is designed to equip advisors with tools and training to further help their clients make sound financial decisions, maintain emotional competency and achieve their financial goals.

NSSA® - National Social Security Association.  The NSSA® Certificate Program, in conjunction with adherence to their standards of excellence, continuing education, and access to ongoing support, enables those who earn the Certificate to perpetually stay at the top of their game for Social Security consulting.

Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets℠  - The only program designed for financial professionals to learn about blockchain technology and digital assets. Graduates of this program have essential knowledge about this emerging ecosystem.   WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DIGITAL ASSETS FOR OUR CLIENTS.

Vic Williams Photo

Vic Williams

Associate Advisor
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Vic Williams, CRPC®, NSSA®

vice president

I’ve worked with Allen since joining his team at Ameriprise in 2002. Today, I serve as an advisor dedicated to helping Allen put his clients on a path toward financial well-being. Previously, I worked as a broker at Edward Jones from 2000 until 2002.

I graduated with a BS in math education from Northeastern State University in 1988. From there, I taught math and coached basketball from 1989 until 2000.

I currently hold a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and National Social Security Association® designation.

A Bit About Me

On a personal note, my wife Darla and I have three children...sons Seth & Elijah, and our daughter, Carter. 

CRPC® - Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®

This designation has prepared me to advise and assist in your retirement planning strategies.  

NSSA® - National Social Security Association

My NSSA® designation allows me to help our clients understand and maximize their Social Security benefits.

Raymond W. Cozby, III, JD Photo

Raymond W. Cozby, III, JD

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After 20+ years as a trust officer with two of the largest banks in east Texas, Ray founded, Raymond W. Cozby III Law PLLC, which provides trust administration services and also serves as executor and guardian for clients when appropriate.   

Ray has a Bachelor of Arts degree in geology from the University of Texas at Austin and attended law school at Texas Tech University.   

Molly & Maggie, TLC Photo

Molly & Maggie, TLC

Chief Morale Officers
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molly & Maggie, TLC®

Chief Morale Officers

Molly & Maggie are responsible for keeping morale high and reminding people that it's the simple things in life that mean the most.  They have a knack for not letting life's day-to-day stresses get to them.  They understand that life is more about how we react to events than the events themselves. In their free time, they enjoy chasing anything that moves and violating everyone's personal space.

We Work Hard for Those Who’ve Always Worked Hard

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

People nearing retirement face a wide variety of financial challenges, but they all have one question in mind:   “Will I have enough?”      

 We help those who are nearing or already in retirement develop the right strategies and solutions to meet their comfort level and individual needs.   

Our typical client is the successful, yet humble person, who understands the value of hard work and is concerned with building a safety net for their family’s future to ensure they can maintain a comfortable lifestyle into retirement and leaving a legacy for their loved ones.


We’ll Build a Simple Path To Help Navigate Your Financial Future

Step 1


We’ll learn the ins and outs of your current financial picture. We ask that you bring important documents to our initial meeting to help us determine how we may best be able to assist you.

Step 2


Using the information you’ve provided us, we’ll develop a realistic roadmap designed to help you achieve your goals. While we don’t claim to be genies, we’ll work hard to check what we can off your wishlist.

Step 3

Take Action

Once you’re comfortable with the strategies and solutions we’ve presented, we’ll implement your financial plan. Keeping your comfort level in mind, we’ll take actionable steps toward establishing your financial well-being.

Step 4


Our job doesn’t end once your plan is put into motion. Our hope is to develop an ongoing relationship together as we continuously monitor, review and adjust your strategies as needed.

We don't get paid to sell financial or insurance products, 

we only get paid for financial advice.     

No commissions, referral fees, bonuses, t-shirts or trips.

How Can We Work Together?

We're not the most expensive and you don't want to trust your life savings with the cheapest.    If all you're looking for is a firm to manage your investments, we probably aren't the firm for you.    We offer three ways to work together.    


Just a Plan -  Think of this approach as going to an architect to develop the blueprints for your project.   We help you develop a plan, typically over the course of a couple of months,  then you would then be responsible for implementing the insurance,  investments, tax and estate planning strategies.  This approach is typically more suited for the hands-on, do-it-yourself types.    

Hourly - You engage us on a transactional basis to provide answers to your questions as they arise.  


Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management - In addition to creating your personalized, comprehensive, financial plan, as above, we assist with the implementation of the strategies as well.   We would serve as architect, be the general contractor, and round up the subcontractors.     

This may include, but not limited to, investment management; retirement income planning; integrated income tax planning & preparation*, Medicare, healthcare & insurance consulting; Social Security claiming optimization; estate planning, including wills/trusts & advanced directives.*

We provide continuous monitoring of your portfolio, including regular rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting when appropriate.

This includes ongoing education, monitoring, accountability, and adjustments when appropriate.   This approach is more suited for those who embrace the value of delegating to a team of trusted advisors, so they can spend their time with the people and activities that are most important to them.

Our fees are based on the complexity of your situation, the scope of engagement and the value of the services provided.    

The best way for us to determine if we're a great fit is to have a conversation.

*Tax, legal and trust administration services are done through our alliances with outside professionals.

"The only function of economic forecasting

is to make astrology look respectable."

John Kenneth Galbraith, economist.

Questions to ask Advisors

1. Do you work directly for your clients or are you a representative of a brokerage firm or an insurance company?    (We work directly for you)

2. Do you receive commissions for selling insurance, annuities or other financial products?   (We do not)

3. Do you receive commissions, trips or bonuses of any kind, based on sales or production?   (We do not)

4. Do you offer the following services?   (We do)

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Creation of wills, trusts, financial/health care powers of attorney*
  • Personalized analysis and recommendations for health care and Medicare
  • Coordination with independent insurance brokers
  • Integrated tax planning, preparation and filing*
  • Social Security optimization
  • Ongoing investment management, asset allocation and rebalancing
  • Trust administration*

5.  What professional designations do you have?  (We have the following.)

6.  Are you a fee-only, fiduciary advisor...legally required to act in your best interest?   (We are)

*Tax, legal and trust administration services are done through our alliances with outside professionals.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." 

Leonardo Da Vinci

Our goal is to simplify the complexities of your financial lives.

Are We the Right Fit for You?

We have offices in DFW and Tyler, Texas. However, we work with clients virtually throughout the United States. If you’re looking to plan, organize and simplify your complicated financial life, we’re here to help.

Just use the link below to schedule a phone/web call so that we can get acquainted and determine if we may be a good fit for each other.

   Click here to schedule a call with Gibson Wealth Advisors

Contact us.

Dallas Office

700 Central Expressway S, Ste 400
Allen, Texas 75013

Tyler Office

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